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Rainer Live at KXCI-FM Studios on 1983-12-05

by Rainer

Topics Live concert

1: California Blues
2: Meet Me In The Morning
3: Deadly Sins
4: That's How Things Get Done
5: Drop Down Mama
6: Mush Mind Blues
7: Away

Collection Rainer
Band/Artist Rainer
Venue KXCI-FM Studios
Location Tucson, AZ

Source Master Broadcast Reel (PreFM)
Lineage Mastered via SADiE w/ 24 bit Drawmer Masterflow Processing (11/03) > CDR > FLAC
Taped by Randy McReynolds(for KXCI-FM)
Transferred by Jim Blackwood (and Mastering) - Official Rainer Archivist


NOTE: track 1 is incorrectly listed as 'Goin to California' and track 3 is incorrectly listed as 'Fear' in the included txt file (and on previously circulating copies)..

FLAC and 1st seeding on 12-12-04 by Jim Blackwood

Rainer and Das Combo

Rainer Ptacek - Guitar, Vocals
Howe Gelb - Guitar
Nick Augustine - Bass
Billy Sedlmeyr - Drums

This was part of KXCI-FM's - - first broadcast.. The tape was found on the third floor archive at the KXCI Studios.

The recording was re-transfered and mastered to be re-broadcast for KXCI's 20th Anniversary celebration, resulting in a much superior version than has previously circulated.

Thanks for Rainer's family for letting this out of the archives and for allowing this to be seeded into the community!

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Reviewer: njpg - - October 4, 2011
Subject: A musician's musician indeed!
It's at moments like this that I feel so deeply grateful to everyone who makes the Archive possible. This guy sounds great. He reminds me of a mix between Cream, Led Zeppelin, Lightnin' Hopkins and Talking Heads with a little Iggy Pop thrown in for good measure.

Where else but on the Archive? Nowhere! Do you think the people who put Pandora together know about Rainer Ptacek? They don't! Damn, we Archive listeners are LUCKY!
Reviewer: KlausSattler - - January 1, 2006
Subject: Great
Baden-Baden, 01.01.06
Have never heard something of Rainer. This is my first download. Hope to see more shows. Thanks to the family for the possibility of download. Really great music. Thanks Klaus
Reviewer: jazzin redstart - - August 29, 2005
Subject: electric Rainer Ptacek
I was surprised by this show because the music of the late Rainer Ptacek I previously knew of was mostly acoustic. This is great rock'n'roll, fiercely performed. The best of my downloads to date. Highly recommended
Reviewer: dorrcoq - - March 6, 2005
Subject: WOW!
hey, never heard of Rainer before. My loss, obviously. This is great stuff, I'm looking forward to hearing more!

Reviewer: giantarchivist - - January 18, 2005
Subject: More to come!
Yes, solo acoustic sets & more Rainer & Das Combo on the way! I have the master reels of the entire Westwood sessions (6 or more hours worth) transfered and ready to be put together for a new official release in the coming year!

Two tracks from the Westwood sessions are included as a preview on the new Rainer 'Best Of' release compilation that is coming out this year on Glitterhouse records.

Much more will make it out for folks to enjoy!
Reviewer: doses - - January 16, 2005
Subject: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jim, It is great that you have been taking the Rainer collection and archiving it. I always wondered if Patty and family were hip to putting his recordings(there are a lot) in the digital domain, as many are precious but quite raw. Do you have a great "westwood solo" for the archive, as its always been my favorite of his?
Reviewer: loftie - - December 16, 2004
Subject: Great concert by a great artist
...wonderful music, played with passion, and great sound too. Hopefully there will be more Rainer (solo) stuff out of the archive...
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